Simran Panchal, Author at Vision Foundation

Simran Panchal

Fundraising Assistant

Simran has been working in the charity sector since 2018 where she has played integral roles in various organisations such as Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund, London Politica, Care International, and OcuMel UK, to name a few. Simran has recently taken up the role of Fundraising Assistant with a focus on assisting the Fight For Sight / Vision Foundation team with a range of tasks during the exciting time of the new merger!

Academically, Simran honed her skills at the London School of Economics, diving deep into Social Policy with Economics. Her dissertation critically evaluated the dynamics of elite boarding schools in the British landscape. Bridging societal gaps and alleviating social inequalities are the driving forces behind her endeavors. Beyond the world of academics, Simran contributed towards conservation initiatives in places like Costa Rica and Madagascar and imparted foundational skills at an orphanage in Kolkata, and enjoys being active in the world of volunteering.

In her spare time, Simran has a keen interest in travel. Each journey offers her a chance to immerse herself in new environments, learn about unique communities, and contribute through meaningful volunteer work. When not on the move, Simran appreciates unwinding with music, diving into a good book, and having novel experiences with family and friends.

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