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5 reasons why you should join a marathon cheer squad!

Fundraising Assistant, Olivia joined the team last year ahead of an exciting roster of challenge events. From motivating incredible cyclists at RideLondon in May to celebrating bucket-list moments at the London Marathon in October, Olivia embraced every opportunity to drive our supporters to success as part of the cheer squad!

As Team Vision gears up for another fun-filled challenge events season, Olivia has shared why you should join our cheer squad at the London Marathon in April…

Banner featuring four photos of Vision Foundation cheerers in blue t-shirts. They are all smiling.


Olivia M headshot - an early 20s caribbean woman with her hair in a bun and red lipstick on.The unparalleled sense of achievement when crossing the finishing line after months of dedicated training makes the London Marathon one of the world’s biggest bucket list events. But one of the biggest highlights in events like the London Marathon is being on the receiving end of the enthusiastic cheers of supporters as they push you towards the finish line!

This April, with around 50,000 people taking part in the London Marathon, and thousands of spectators lining London’s most iconic streets, the atmosphere will be electric and we can’t wait to be there supporting Team Vision!


Don’t miss out on all of the fun!

There’s a place for everyone on our cheer squad. Here are the top 5 reasons you should join the team…


1. You get to spend time with amazing people

Four women posing for a smiley selfie in Vision Foundation t-shirts. They have a Vision Foundation flag/.Not only do you get to engage with the runners, but the people around you too! Striking up conversations about the family member or friends they’re supporting and who they are and where they’ve come from is so much fun. Everyone is happy and smiling and there for a good time.


2. The event is incredibly inspiring

You can’t help but be in awe of people who put in so much dedication and time into running 26.2 miles. You cannot do a marathon without effort and discipline and despite the fact that many people decide not to do this challenge, it is still heart-warming to see the bravery and success of others. It can often feel very emotional, and you feel like you’re on the journey with the runners.


3. Your opportunity motivate the runnersOlivia taking a photo of Team Vision runner, Nicolas

Running a marathon puts every single muscle and nerve in your body to the test and your body is pushed to the limit. Whilst this very rewarding and you feel that ‘runners high’, there are times throughout the race when runners will flag and become tired not knowing if they can continue and hitting that ‘wall’. Being there and cheering runners on spurs them along and lets them know that they are not alone and can do it. Ultimately, as a cheerer you feel a sense of purpose that you have helped someone cross the finish line.


4. A chance to explore London’s iconic landmarks

As one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the marathon is a great way to get out and enjoy the city’s most iconic locations including navigating around Canary Wharf urban skyscrapers, crossing the famous Tower Bridge, popping past Buckingham Palace and lining The Mall. It certainly makes a difference from the average day to day hustle and bustle of the city.


5. You’ll play a part in one of our biggest fundraising events, supporting people living with or facing sight loss

Many runners are running for a specific cause or charity meaning the event is deeply personal and significant. When you cheer with Vision Foundation you are helping us show our support to runners that have raised money towards transforming the lives of blind and partially sighted people. The marathon is the biggest challenge event of the year and our cheering shows how much we care about saving lives and championing those affected.


Olivia and Silvia stood either side of runner Tom posing for a smiley photo after the half marathon.So, what do you say?

The London Marathon is not just about the runners’ success and crossing the finishing line, it is also about the atmosphere and support from the crowds that make doing such a gruelling challenge even more rewarding. If you’re up for a day out in London, cheering on incredible fundraisers with our fantastic cheer squad, send me an email at OMcdonald@visionfoundation.org.uk or call on 020 7620 2066 – We’d love to have you join us!