Our impact – Vision Foundation

Our impact

The Vision Foundation believes passionately that people living with sight loss should have the same opportunities as anyone else. We strive to ensure London is a city that works for everyone and that avoidable sight loss is prevented.

We do this through:

Research and insight work

We commission research and undertake insight work to understand the needs of blind and partially sighted people and the charities and projects on offer. We use this information to inform our activities and influence others. We share what we learn to ensure maximum benefit.

Funding projects

We aim to transform the lives of people facing or living with sight loss by funding projects and organisations that provide front-line services across London. We partner with charities to deliver projects such as eye health awareness workshops for children; employment support for visually impaired young adults; and IT training for older people.


Our Funder Plus approach aims to support organisations in a variety of ways. We offer training and development opportunities, help sight loss charities to connect with each other and help them to build capacity. These initiatives are all directly informed by what charities have told us adds value.


As a sight loss organisation working with blind and partially sighted people we believe we have a duty to speak out on behalf of the community we represent. We work alongside people living with sight loss to help amplify their voices and tackle the big issues affecting people’s lives. And we engage with the people who hold power across London to make sure blind and partially sighted people are heard. Whether its transport, employment, education or access to the arts and culture we believe everyone deserves the same opportunities and rights of access.