2018 Marathon - A huge thanks to our runners and their sponsors – Vision Foundation

2018 Marathon – A huge thanks to our runners and their sponsors

Team GLFB’s wonderful marathon runners have so far raised £6,909.59 in aid of the charity’s work. We are most grateful for the commitment shown by Adrian, Alex, Ben, Edith, Elliot, Khalil and Stewart.
All seven runners completed the 26.2 mile course and some of the participants are already making plans to take part in further challenges: “I collapsed over the line and swore never to put on a pair of running shoes again, but two days on my brain is already contemplating next year’s race so we’ll see how that plays out”, said Adrian.

Another Team GLFB member, Khalil, is looking to become an official Guide Runner for 10k and half marathons. We wish both Adrian and Khalil the best of luck in achieving their next set of goals!

If you are considering making a post-event donation, please take a moment to visit the team’s justgiving pages. For the full list of Team GLFB’s fundraising pages please click here. The team has raised £263.72 for each marathon mile. Can you help us reach £7,860 and make this £300 raised per mile?

Team GLFB 2019
The marathon is an important source of income for the GLFB and also personally rewarding for the runners.  As one of our runners, Stuart, said: “Very challenging but epic event!”

If you would like to join Team GLFB for the 2019 London marathon please get in touch.

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