Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2018 – Vision Foundation

Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2018

The latest edition of your supporter newsletter, Insight, is now available. To view and download the newsletter, please click here.

The newsletter is our (small) way to say ‘thank you’ to our supporters for helping fund vital services for blind and partially sighted people. Mansoor, whose story we feature in this edition of Insight, is testament to what can be achieved given the right opportunities and support.

GLFB-funded mobility training
GLFB-funded mobility training

When someone loses their vision all too often they lose their confidence too. For this reason, GLFB-funded programmes and service – made possible through your donations – work closely with visually impaired people to rebuild their confidence.

When Mansoor lost his sight he also lost his belief in his abilities, which in turn impacted his physical health as he no longer felt confidence enough to prepare healthy, cooked, cooked meals. Mansoor’s life took a turn for the better after enrolling on a ‘cooking with confidence’ course which GLFB supporters helped fund.

Said Mansoor: “Before I lost my sight 15 years ago, I was a very keen cook. I loved to make healthy meals. However, losing my sight had a major effect on how I ate. Did I find it difficult to prepare meals? Yes, because at first I just ate uncooked food.”

Thanks to the course, Mansoor has regained his love of cooking and his confidence in the kitchen. This new-found confidence has helped Mansoor gain independence more widely in his day-to-day life which in turn has increased his overall wellbeing.