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The Story of Looking: Q&A


The movie poster for The Story of Looking. A colourful graphic of an eye About the film

As he prepares for surgery to restore his vision, award-winning filmmaker Mark Cousins explores the role that visual experience plays in our individual and collective lives, in his new film, The Story of Looking (released by Modern Films).

At a time when we are more assailed by images than ever, The Story of Looking draws on art history, biology, neuroscience, psychology, poetry and philosophy, to reveal how looking makes us who we are, lying at the heart of human experience, empathy, discovery and thought. Turning the camera on himself in a deeply personal meditation on the power of looking in his own life, Cousins guides us through the riches of the visible world, a kaleidoscope of extraordinary imagery across cultures and eras.

About the panel discussion

Following the launch of Mark Cousin’s The Story of Looking, we hosted a live Q&A with Mark and special guests Dr Amit Patel and Baluji Shrivastav OBE. The group spoke about their experiences of sight loss and how they individually adapted and thrived.

The panel discussion is chaired by Tom Boughton, founder of Cubitts.

Audio coming soon.