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Please DO touch the artwork

Clarke Reynolds stood beside his Mini Fab artwork wall.The Power of Touch was the first London solo exhibition by the Blind Braille Artist, Clarke Reynolds. Known for his creative braille artworks, collections from throughout Clarke’s career were showcased at Quantus Gallery during January and February 2023.

The exhibition featured Clarke’s thoughtful and vibrant braille art, where he used the tactile language of raised dots to recount his journey as an artist and conveyed a unique insight into the lived experience of blind and partially sighted people.

Clarke is passionate about ensuring his art is accessible to everybody. The braille pieces in The Power of Touch were surrounded by signs reading “Please DO touch”, encouraging children and adults alike to interact with them.

Speaking at the launch of his exhibition, Clarke said:
“I hope this exhibition can help to change people’s attitudes of the possibilities of what blind people can achieve. I want to shake up the stereotypical attitude out there towards sight loss and use my work to improve the knowledge about blindness and hopefully how blind people are treated. We are strong, capable, creative and want the sighted to open their eyes to see this.”The Braille decoder art piece with the "please do touch" sign beside it.

Clarke will be taking part in this year’s London Marathon for Vision Foundation.
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