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Welcome to our Spring Newsletter! Read all about how we're making waves within our sight loss community as one impactful charity.

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A very warm welcome to the summer 2024 edition of Insight, keeping you updated on how we’re continuing to drive scientific discoveries and support projects that build a brighter future.

Your kindness is what makes all this possible. Without your regular support, we wouldn’t have been able to invest £15 million in the crucial research that’s bringing us ever closer to new drugs and therapies, or approximately £1.5 million in societal projects. Every day, we work with purpose for you, our valued supporters.

While these may seem like large numbers, they are a drop in the ocean of our desired ambition to save sight, and change lives. Only 1.5 percent of public research funding is allocated to eye research* in the UK, which makes it imperative we do all we can to plug the funding gap. Together, we can do more to secure a future more of us will see. Our team is already working harder, establishing more partnerships, and influencing policymakers.

By the time you read this, spring – with all the hope it brings – will be in full swing, but these are worrying times of instability across the world. Yet we must not lose sight of our long-term mission, and we thank you for staying with us and donating what you can.

This will be our last newsletter with this branding. As you’ll read on page three, we’re working hard to create a brand that is inclusive and relevant while carrying an urgent message about sight loss to the UK. I do hope you will continue on this journey with us as we build to bigger investments in research and societal improvements.

Thank you for always being by our sides – it means so much.

Ranjeet Kharé
Director of Development
Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation

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